Forest Circle Society for Families

Snow Policy

The Society has developed the following policy to guide decisions around inclement weather:

In the event of dangerous driving conditions Cari’s Infant and Toddler Centre and Forest Circle Child Care will close when School District 72 calls a closure (expected to be announced by 7:00 am). The Society will revisit the decision by 9:00 am and may or may not open the centres at 10:00 am for the remainder of the day.

In a situation when School District 72 decides to close the schools early due to inclement weather, the Board of Directors and Managers will determine whether or not the centres will also close.

In the scenario where the School District does not call for a closure but the Board of Directors and Managers deem driving conditions to be hazardous to both staff and families, the Society retains the right to close both centres independent of any other organization.

In the event of a closure, FCSFF will have information posted on our website. In addition, the greetings on our answering machines will be updated with the most current information.