Forest Circle Society for Families

Welcome to Forest Circle Society for Families!

Welcome to Forest Circle Society for Families! We offer high quality child care services at our two centres, Cari’s Infant and Toddler Centre and Forest Circle Child Care. Our beautiful facilities provide safe, nurturing and carefully planned and maintained early care and learning environments. With a long history in our community, we are proud to be a non-profit society that honours children, families and educators.

Forest Circle Society for Families acknowledges that we are visitors on the traditional unceded territory of the Liq’wala speaking peoples—inclusive of the Wei Wai Kai, Wei Wai Kum, and Kwiakah First Nations. Our Society’s mission includes embracing diversity and promoting trust and respect. Our circle of caring embraces all First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples who reside in these territories.

Child Care Programs

FCSF provides the following child care programs:

Infant Child Care

Birth - 24 Months

Toddler Child Care

18 - 36 Months

The Young Parents' Program

The Young Parents' Program provides support, encouragement and guidance for teenage parents, enabling them to continue their high school education. Child care is provided at Cari's Infant and Toddler Centre, while the young parents study and/or work.


We work out of two facilities to better serve the wide range of needs that Campbell River families have.



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