Forest Circle Society for Families


Photo of Infants

Program Description

In the infant programs, we provide at least a 1 to 4 caregiver/child ratio. Forest Circle has 8 spaces in their Infant Room and Cari’s Infant and Toddler Centre has 12.

The infant programs follow the child’s daily routine, addressing personal care needs while also adhering to all licensing requirements. The caregivers implement developmentally appropriate activities and experiences to enhance infant development, taking into consideration emergent curriculum while embracing diversity. Included in the fees at both centres are healthy snacks and lunches prepared in-house. Outside play is an important part of the programs, as weather permits.

The heart and soul of the infant programs are the dedicated caregivers. In the larger program at Cari’s Infant and Toddler Centre, a primary caregiver approach connects children and their parents with specific caregivers, supporting the development of strong and collaborative relationships. At Forest Circle, the smaller group is facilitated by a consistent and caring team that works together to ensure that the children’s needs are met and that each child is honoured as a unique individual. Both programs consult with parents to learn about, and establish appropriate routines for, each child.